Trauma. Can massage help?

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Trauma is tough, and recovery is hard, but massage?  What’s that got to do with anything? Turns out, it can play a big part in the process of getting back to normal – or better.

Melissa Enter teaches massage but not in the way most of us think about massage. She instructs it from the standpoint of the need for healthy touch. She teaches it with the Massage in Schools Program, which goes into schools and community groups, to instruct healthy, peer to peer massage. The routine is a simplified seated chair massage, done over clothing, without oils.  It uses fun strokes like bunny hops in the hand or drawing hearts on a friend’s back.  The routine is used to transition the children into the classroom and prepare them to be ready to learn, and it is perfect for people who have experienced trauma.

Join us as we talk about trauma, touch, recovery and massage.