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How often do we hear of a victim of intimate partner violence (or stalking or sexual assault) who loses her job because of the harassment, or because of taking too much time off to deal with court or trauma? Several states have enacted legislation to help those victims, but none of those laws are as generous and comprehensive as Washington State’s Protective Leave Law.

Cindy Sparks, Protective Leave Specialist for the state Department of Labor and Industries, deals with the law every day, and she explains the scope of the law (all employers are obligated to follow it, not just larger employers), what it means for victims, and what happens when an employer does not grant reasonable leave to someone dealing with IPV and sexual assault. She shares the latest updates to the law, and how it impacts potential civil suits for violators.

Join us as we talk about Washington State’s Protected Leave Law aimed at helping victims of intimate partner violence, stalking and sexual assault to keep their jobs.

Airing for the first time Saturday, August 18, at 11 AM Pacific Time, and available thereafter through the archive at www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways




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