It’s not just computers and phones? Your Alexa, your Fitbit, your thermostat… 

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Most of us are aware of the lack of privacy and possible criminal activity our myriad electronic devices can lead to. And many of us know about abusers using these computers and phones to stalk and harass victims. But did you know it’s not just computers and phones? Your Alexa, your Fitbit, your thermostat …all those and more can be used to further abuse and create havoc and threat in our lives.

Eva Galperin, Director of Cyber Security for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization dedicated to defending people against abusive threats in a digital world, has worked for years to fight illegal surveillance, and she shares stories and strategies we all should know.

From recording murders inadvertently, to tracking whereabouts and activities, these devices we rely on can be helpful and amazing, but also  dangerous, particularly in domestic violence situations.

Join us as Eva Galperin shares some warnings, but also some tools to help educate and protect us in a time when our lives can be open books to the person who holds the digital password.