For decades women, scholars, sociologists and feminists have been debating and advocating one way or the other for women to either take their husbands’ last names when they marry or hang on to the name they had. A generation of women took a stand one way or the other and everyone wanted to know their reasons and the effects of the decisions. But did anyone ask how it affected the men?

Finally there is a study that looked at people’s perceptions of the husbands of women who kept their own names. And you might just be surprised at what it means for the men.

Rachael Robnett is an assistant professor at UNLV Department of Psychology where she focuses her research on adolescence and emerging adulthood. Specific areas of study include students’ academic and career trajectories, links between peers and identity, and gender-role ideologies. She teaches courses pertaining to adolescent development and the psychology of gender.

She joins us to talk about what she learned from her study of the impact of women keeping their own names after marriage on the way their husbands are viewed.

What’s in a name. When it’s hers?

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