New York State Attorney General, Barbara Underwood, has launched an investigation into whether Roman Catholic Institutions covered up allegations of sexual abuse of minors.


Author Mary L. Pulido

As the leader of one of the first child protection agencies in the world, and as a Catholic, I am relieved that the New York State attorney general is beginning a sweeping investigation of the eight Catholic dioceses.

Transparency and victim information are needed to enact desperately needed reforms of this obscure system. One critical action that should be included is a detailed study of the personal and work profiles of the pedophile priests.

To have such a concentration of offenders within a certain occupation is alarming and warrants serious exploration by research experts who work with the offender population.

Research could inform how clergymen are recruited, screened, trained and supervised. Knowledge gained, combined with the needed overhaul of internal protocols for reporting child sexual abuse to outside authorities, could illuminate how the church begins to recover from this scandal.

You quote a victim advocate as saying, “Little is known about clergy abuse of children in New York.” We must make it our business to know so that children are protected from these crimes in the future.


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