A suburban Chicago man who, which his wife, is accused of confining their 10-year-old daughter to their basement has been found unfit for trial.

Lake County Assistant State’s Attorney George Pappas says 48-year-old Randy Swopes will be held in a secure treatment facility in Elgin for evaluation and treatment until he is found fit.

Swopes and his wife, Katherine, are charged with child endangerment and unlawful restraint for keeping their daughter in a basement room for months. They claim they believed she was possessed by a demon.

At a fitness trial Tuesday, Dr. Kimberly Loucks of Psychological Services of Lake County said she conducted court-ordered jailhouse evaluations with Randy Swopes. Loucks testified despite his refusal to participate in certain tests, she saw enough to conclude Swopes suffers from delusions.

Swopes’ lawyers, Jason Powell and Sharmila Manak, moved for a directed finding that Swopes was unfit.




One Child Is Too Many

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