Rural women and violence

Airing Saturday, January 19, at 11 AM Pacific Time,

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Is there a difference between the violence women in urban areas suffer and the violence that rural women encounter? Well, in a nutshell, Yes. There is a difference. Rural women are victims more often, of more depth of violence, and with fewer resources and ways to get help.

Emerging research, although sparse, shows that country women are at risk, that funding and support are less for them, and that resources are harder to some by for rural victims.

Dr. Walter DeKeseredy, professor of Sociology at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV, has focused his research on the plight of rural females compared to their urban and suburban counterparts, and has found some shocking information. 

Join us as we discuss the causes of violence against women, the problems with rural victims, and even the role of male support systems and pornography when it comes to women victimized by intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and even separation and divorce. 

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