It’s thrilling to see support in the New York State Senate for Maternal Home Visiting programs like Nurse Family Partners (NFP). Senator Brad Hoylman explains this support in his opinion piece in the Gotham Gazette.

Brad HoylmanPrograms like Nurse Family Partnership, Healthy Families NY and Parents as Teachers are collectively known as Maternal Home Visiting programs. They pair new mothers or families who are struggling with their own trauma, poverty and isolation with a professional who provides emotional support, guidance and parenting help. The benefits for the new mother or family include reduced maternal poverty, reduced maternal addiction and reduced postpartum death. They also are one of the few social service programs that prevents childhood trauma from starting. Childhood trauma is linked to diminished physical, mental, social and financial health among adults, making it a major factor in most of the banes of modern society.

Children who go through these programs are more likely to enter school ready to succeed. They and their families are spared costly and traumatic interactions with ACS and the foster care system. Pregnant mothers who enroll are less likely to have a preterm delivery. And taxpayers are spared the cost for all of this; these programs save taxpayer money the first year a family enrolls, and the savings keep compounding over time, even after the mother graduates.

One of New York’s quietest disgraces is that we deny these programs to 95% of willing, eligible families. In doing so we are planting the seeds for tomorrow’s drug crisis, tomorrow’s crime, and tomorrow’s lost human potential, tomorrow’s tax increases. In times of prosperity it is important to invest in children, and in times of desperation it is even more important.

All parents, no matter what zip code or income bracket they live in, want the same thing for their children; they want them to have a better life than they have had. Parents whose lives have been marred by trauma and poverty want that desperately, but without help are less likely to achieve it. Maternal Home Visiting programs are what these families, their children and the rest of us are counting on.

All three of the big, evidence-based Maternal Home Visiting programs in the state, which all have different entrance criteria and can serve different types of families, need to grow, and grow fast.

Maternal Home Visiting programs protect children from abuse and neglect, they rebuild families shattered by generations of abuse, and they save taxpayers money in their first year.

We support New York’s investment, but we must go farther and provide funding for the other 95% of families.

Our children, our future, are counting on it.

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Andrew Willis

Andrew Willis


Andrew was a Captain in the British Army before practicing integrated marketing communications and marketing, mostly for global brands. A survivor of child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and suicide, Andrew dedicated the second half of his life to protecting children from trauma.

Andrew has an ACE score of 5.


Authors express their own opinions which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Stop Abuse Campaign.




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