Great news about the upcoming release of the novel “Boy in the Hole”. We have an exclusive  view of the new cover. 


As the author put it “Cover designer Xavier Comas selected a special color palette based on key themes in the novel that are symbolized by those colors: identity and sexuality. The red-orange signifies the main character’s struggle and denial, while the turquoise-blue demonstrates his gradual understanding of who he is. But it is the placement of these colors on the cover that echoes the story so beautifully.” 


The book is a powerful first novel that I had the pleasure of reviewing. Author Akiva Hersh, said “BOY IN THE HOLE is a gripping account of a boy wrestling to understand himself, his family, and the world in which he lives. It is a cathartic tale of an adolescent refusing to accept his parents’ toxic beliefs and the messages of self-hate from religion and society. The novel addresses themes of bullying, sexuality, and abuse, and offers a message of hope to those struggling with similar issues”.


The book will be released Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 in softcover and eBook formats and on


Any questions or comments for the author? Leave them in the comments section below.  





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