California Protective Parents Association.
Educating and advocating for children and families.

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What started as a park bench conversation about protective parents losing their children to abusers in family courts has evolved into an organization that is making nationally renowned progress in working to eliminate the problem.

Catherine Campbell is the Executive Director of the California Protective Parents Association (CPPA), a group that has created awareness through research and education and is holding court officials accountable for decisions and behaviors that are harming children.

As a protective parent with a marketing & communications background, Campbell is at the forefront of the movement. She has worked with congressional members on both sides of the aisles to help pass this child safety resolution in 2018 in the U.S. House of Representatives. In California she has helped build awareness to see the passing of Piqui’s Resolution (HR113), worked with Center for Judicial Excellence to bring an audit forward for the California Commission on Judicial Performance which is the first-ever audit in their nearly 60 year history and meet with CA legislatures to update laws for DV and child safety.

Join us as Campbell explains the organization, what necessitated its development, and how it is making an impact across the country.

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