COVID-19 what’s a domestic violence shelter to do?

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Everyone is inconvenienced by the restrictions due to the COVID-19 situation but there’s inconvenience and then there’s danger. When abuse is already there, confinement with an abuser escalates all danger and trauma. DC Safe, a Washington, DC service for abuse victims, has had to ratchet up support, create new ways to help and do it all with limited funds and challenged staff.

So how are they, and hundreds of other organizations, helping victims?

Kylie Hogan, Crisis Intervention Team Director, supervises a staff of 11 including response line and on call programming. She also covers the Lethality Assessment Project. Over the last few weeks, she and her staff have had to adapt to new demands, remote counseling, and serving even more people than they were serving before.

Join us as Kylie discusses how she and her 11 staff members are coping, how things have changed, and how they are making it work despite pandemics and canceled fundraisers.

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