Child sex abuse dolls. Where are all the Democrats?

The folks on Capitol Hill have not been able to agree on much recently. Still, we’re hoping they can agree we need to ban lifelike, anatomically correct child sex abuse dolls designed to simulate sex with a child.

Sick people are importing these sick dolls into the United States and other countries. Law enforcement has found that the people buying them usually have child pornography (images and videos of child sex abuse) as well.

Pedophiles don’t need practice. These dolls are dangerous, as well as vile.

We must ban child sex abuse dolls.

On Capitol Hill, the Republicans have doubled down with two identical dueling bills. We are supporting H.R.4150, the JUSTICE act of 2019 introduced by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R) SC. However, Rep. Vern Buchanan (R) FL has also filed legislation in Congress to ban child sex dolls nationwide. His act is precisely the same. We’re confident they’ll talk and sort this out.

The bigger question is where are all the Democrats. You can find a list of all the cosponsors on the bill here. As I write there are 27 Republicans and only 4 Democrats.

Is your legislator supporting the bill?

Is your legislator supporting the bill? If you’re unsure who your legislator is, enter your address on Vote Smart and get a list of your legislators. Call or email their office and tell them you want them to cosponsor the bill. You can find more information on how to do this here.

Contacting your legislator is the best way for you to support this bill.

What else can you do?

Follow this link to find a range of posts you can add to your social media to promote this campaign and show that your support for children, not those who prey on them.

Do you know your score?

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Andrew Willis

Andrew Willis


Andrew was a Captain in the British Army before practicing integrated marketing communications and marketing, mostly for global brands. A survivor of child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and suicide, Andrew dedicated the second half of his life to protecting children from trauma.

Andrew has an ACE score of 5.


Authors express their own opinions which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Stop Abuse Campaign.




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