Despite the epic divisions in America right now, we can all agree that protecting children from sexual abuse is important. And that’s why it is important that Congress pass the Jurists United to Stop Trafficking Imitation Child Exploitation (JUSTICE) Act to ban the importation of child sex abuse dolls.

Child sex abuse dolls are life-sized, ultra-realistic dolls with sexual orifices that are designed to be used by adults. While child sex abuse dolls are a fairly new development, they serve a similar purpose to child pornography, and researchers have documented a very strong connection between viewing child pornography and actively abusing children. In fact, there is a significant body of research on how adults with these afflictions can control their impulses, and using realistic facsimiles of children isn’t part of the protocol as studies show that only intensifies their attraction. 

Data from the Federal Bureau of Prisons indicated that 76 percent of offenders convicted of internet-related child pornography reported having sexual contact with children in the past and had an average of 30.5 child sex victims each. Currently, as many as 20 percent of American children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. That’s a staggering number of victims, and it is further evidence that we can’t give people likely to prey on children tools to practice on. 

Endangering children isn’t the only problem created by these dolls. They look like real children because they are often made by copying images of children obtained online. One Florida mother recently had the horror of discovering that her daughter’s likeness had been used to create one of these “dolls”. If the trade in these horrible things proliferates, who knows how many mothers will make the same terrifying discovery?

The JUSTICE Act is an important step towards stopping these sickening dolls from increasing in the United States. It will ban the importation of these dolls, as most of them seem to be imported rather than domestically produced. This is a common-sense, bipartisan bill that will help to make children safer. A petition supporting it has already gathered almost 200,000 signatures.

This legislation unanimously passed the House of Representatives last Congress, but it needs to get a vote in the 116th Congress. Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee have already implemented bans in their states, but federal legislation is desperately needed.

Protecting children from this threat isn’t controversial, but it does take political will. Please, urge your federal representatives to support the JUSTICE Act.

Children are counting on you.

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Jeff Duncan
Jeff Duncan

Congressman (SC-03)

Congressman Jeff Duncan has represented South Carolina’s Third Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2011. He currently serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Prior to serving in the United States Congress, he served as a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives from 2002-2010.

Authors express their own opinions which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Stop Abuse Campaign.
Andrew Willis

Andrew Willis


Andrew was a Captain in the British Army before practicing integrated marketing communications and marketing, mostly for global brands. A survivor of child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and suicide, Andrew dedicated the second half of his life to protecting children from trauma.

Andrew has an ACE score of 5.


Authors express their own opinions which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Stop Abuse Campaign.