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Make a difference. All of us, working together, can protect children from the trauma that ruins their lives. Ban the child sex dolls that pedophiles practice on, fix the broken custody court system that hands children back to incestuous and abusive fathers, and protect children from sex abuse by trusted figures like predator priests.

Our campaigns make change happen, but only when you get involved. Act now.

Fix The Broken Custody Courts

New research from the Department of Justice confirms what many mothers already know. Too many courts are making dangerous decisions that send children of divorce to live with violent domestic abusers and child molesters.

Ban Child Sex Dolls

Right now, teachers, coaches, babysitters, and neighbors, in every town in America, can purchase lifelike, anatomically correct dolls designed to simulate sex with a child. And it’s perfectly legal. Help us change that.

Protect High Risk Children

Maternal Home Visiting programs give mothers who are at high risk for abusing their children the skills to fix their own lives, parent successfully and break the cycle of abuse.

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