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Stop the Family Court Crisis.

Every day in America, courts are returning vulnerable children to their abusive parents. Share the Safe Child Act video today and help us bring an end to the Family Court Crisis. 

In every State House, there’s a room where it all happens. Decisions are made. Budgets are negotiated. New, bold ideas become the law of the land.

Making sure no child suffers abuse ever again requires ALL of our voices, combined, in that room: the best academic minds, lawmakers, in-the-field nonprofits, and everyday people just like you.

Want to know how your voice can be heard in “the room where it happens?” Join us.

Getting started. 

The first step to strengthening the power of your voice is finding out who your legislators are. Then sign up for our grassroots advocacy training, which is free and can initially be done on your own time at your own speed. Help raise awareness by reading and sharing our blogs and articles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

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Help us come to your state. 

Be prepared to make change. Making change requires–among other things–building coalitions, identifying the people in power, finding the resources, and making the best possible case for change. 

This all begins with gathering information specific to your state. Which social media groups are talking about this? When was the latest news report about child abuse? Who are the organizations working in the field to help abused children? How many people just like you are talking about making change? The more you know, the more powerful your voice will be. Find out how to bring the Stop Abuse Campaign to your state by emailing advocacy@stopabusecampaign.org

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Do you or your children have ACEs?

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) prevent us from leading healthy and happy lives. Are you ready to take the ACE test?

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