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When it comes to protecting children from childhood trauma we all need to make a difference. Our campaigns are designed to make that easier for you.

Working together, we can protect children from the trauma that ruins their lives. Ban the child sex dolls that pedophiles practice on, fix the broken custody court system that hands children back to incestuous and abusive fathers, and protect children from sex abuse by trusted figures like predator priests.

Our campaigns make change happen, but only when you get involved. Please act now.

Supporting a campaigns starts with signing our petition on Change.org. We’ll communicate updates on campaigns to you there. 

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Since the 1990’s we’ve known that childhood trauma causes children to lead shorter, sicker lives.

We’ve also known that an incredible 66% of adults suffered enough trauma as children to double their chance of becoming an alcoholic. That the more traumas you suffer as a child the more likely you are to die of seven of ten of America’s top causes of death, like cancer, coronary heart disease and cancer. We know that the suicide rate amongst survivors is

custody court crisis

Protecting children in Family Court

New research from the Department of Justice confirms what many mothers know already. The Family Court Custody Crisis involves too many courts making dangerous decisions that send children of divorce to live with violent domestic abusers and child molesters. Help protect these children. Help pass the Safe Child Act.

Child Trauma Education

The Adverse Childhood Experiences study demonstrated that children who survive any type of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), experience neglect (physical or emotional), witness domestic violence, depend on an addicted or severely mentally ill caregiver, experience a parent’s incarceration, or endure parental divorce, abandonment or death are more likely to experience impaired mental health, physical health, financial health and social health throughout their lifespan.

what is sexual abuse

Protect Children From Sex Abuse

Child sex abuse is perpetrated by predators in secret. And most children will keep that secret locked away for the next 21 years. When they can disclose they discover their perpetrators are protected by state laws called statutes of limitations. Only 1 in every 10 child sex abuse perpetrators ever see a day behind bars. Protected by statutes of limitations many go on to abuse other children. Who do want to protect, children or predators?

Find Your Legislator

Somebody represents you at every level of government.They want to serve your community. They want your vote. Here’s how you find out who they are and how you can contact them.

Breaking The Cycle Of Abuse

Maternal Home Visiting programs help mothers who have struggled with substance abuse achieve long-term sobriety, they help mothers leave abusive relationships, they reduce maternal poverty and even maternal mortality. And they save significant amounts of taxpayer money during the child’s first year of life, and those savings go from “significant” to “massive” over time.

Ban Child Sex Dolls

Right now, teachers, coaches, babysitters, and neighbors, in every town in America, can purchase a lifelike, anatomically correct child sex doll designed to simulate sex with a child. And it’s perfectly legal.


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