Protect Innocent Children From Dangerous Parents

New research from the Department of Justice confirms what many mothers already know. Too many courts are making dangerous decisions that send children of divorce to live with violent domestic abusers and child molesters.

The problem…

Adults who abuse their partner or their child shouldn’t be awarded custody of their children. Victims should not be forced to co parent with abusers. Yet, according to the Department of Justice’s research, this is what our custody courts are doing. More than 58,000 children are put at risk by the courts each year.


The solution…

The Safe Child Act ensures judges make the health and safety of children their top priority. A child cannot be healthy or safe with someone who abused them or abused their parent. It directs judges to use the latest scientific research when making decisions. And it ensures abusers are not able to financially abuse their victims.

  • High Conflict (Domestic Violence) Divorces 3.8%
  • Alleged Abuser Awarded Unsupervised Access To Children By Courts 75%

Source: Department of Justice

Emily's Story

I still remember, years ago, the first time I was giving my son a bath and saw the bruises. Strange looking bruises on his back and legs and his butt. I took him to the doctor, and the doctor confirmed my worst fears-my son was being sexually abused.

My son’s pediatrician called the Department of Child Services for a more thorough investigation, and they concluded that my son had been sexually abused by the person who had him before I bathed him that fateful day; his father.

I was shocked and horrified. I didn’t really know what to do, but it never crossed my mind that I would need to worry about what the family court judge in my case would do.

The Safe Child Act protects children from trauma like this. Find out more by clicking the button below.

Make health the priority

A child’s health and safety is one of several factors judges consider in custody decisions.

The Safe Child Act protects children from the abuse and trauma which causes future substance abuse and mental health issues, and substantially increases the risk of the 7 leading causes of death.

Use the latest research

Many courts are still using old discredited theories like Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) when determining child custody.

New research like the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study by the CDC shows the far greater harm created by awarding custody to abusive parents.

Only trust experts

People providing expert testimony in domestic violence cases should be qualified as domestic violence specialists.

The current standard of a general degree in psychology, psychiatry or any other mental health discipline doesn’t suffice, leading to poor judgments that cause children to suffer.


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