Family Court Custody Crisis

What is The Quincy Solution?

The Quincy Solution Is An Evidence Based Approach To Protecting Children From Domestic Violence

A series of best practices centered around batterer accountability and community coordination that have been shown to protect children from domestic violence by dramatically reducing levels of domestic violence (DV) crime.

Quincy Massachusetts, San Diego California and Nashville Tennessee all implemented similar practices and saw similar results. A decrease in domestic violence murders by half or more.

Implementing The Quincy Solution means a commitment from diverse parts of the community that Domestic Violence is a significant community issue, that we must protect children from domestic violence, and that everyone has a role to play in ending it. It involves consistent and strict enforcement of orders of protection, pro-arrest policies, training officers in proper evidence collection, training prosecutors to prosecute without a cooperative witness, and training family court staff in the dynamics of domestic violence.

Domestic violence isn’t caused by mental illness or drug addiction, although these three things often co-occur. When abusers realize they will experience swift and severe consequences for their abuse, the abuse usually stops. If the enforcement is consistent abusers usually stop abusing, and the community’s overall rate of domestic violence crime falls meaning we protect children from domestic violence.

I can’t help but think of all the courageous women who died and all the anguished faces of the children they left behind, who might have been saved by the Quincy Solution.

Rita Smith

Former Executive Director, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

It’s exciting and gratifying to think that our Quincy team’s trailblazing work has inspired a plan. One that will protect the health and safety of millions of people.”

Sarah Buel

Advocate, Law Professor, Former Quincy Prosecutor

Preventing domestic violence can interrupt the cycle of violence that harms children, families, and communities. It’s critical to use science to demonstrate what works, then move from science to practice.
Linda Degutis

Former Director, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

Family Court Custody Crisis

New research from the Department of Justice confirms what many mothers know already. The family court custody crisis means too many courts are making dangerous decisions that send children of divorce to live with violent domestic abusers and child molesters. Studies show this is the rule, not the exception.

What is a Protective Mother?

A protective mother is a mother who has a child with an abusive partner who, during the divorce or custody process, finds her abusive partner is threatening to take custody of her child. Often, but not always, these cases involve child abuse as well, and the term could be applied to a case where there is child abuse, no domestic violence, and the abuser still gets unsupervised time with his children.

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