Senator Joe Scarnati

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Only Senator Joe Scarnati can bring back the PA State Senate to vote on SB 261, a bill to protect Pennsylvania’s children from sex abuse.
Call on him to do this. Your email or phone call can make the difference.


Senator Scarnati’s contact details, draft emails and telephone scripts are below.




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Senator Joe Scarnati

Protect Children.

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Make a difference

Your call or email could be the one that makes a difference. Senator Scarnati’s staff track how many calls and emails they receive in support of SB 261, a bill to protect PA’s children by reforming the statutes of limitations that protect the predators that sexually prey on children.

The deal would be closed.  Senator Scarnati is putting his politics before Pennsylvania’s children.

Survivors deserve to heal

Survivors deserve justice on their timetable, not on their abusers. It takes the average survivor 21 years to disclose their abuse. When they do they cannot find the closure they seek. Michael Broussard, Author and Performer of Ask A Sex Abuse Survivor, an interactive theatrical show about childhood sexual abuse and healing asks we tell Pennsylvania’s Senator Joe Scarnati to allow SB261to come to the floor for a vote.

Because if we’re going to protect Pennsylvania’s kids from sexual abuse Senator Scarnati has to change his mind.

Children deserve to be protected

As evidenced in the Grand Jury report Pennsylvania’s children are being sexually abused and the predators are being protected by PA state law. One man can change this, and that’s Senator Joe Scarnati. President pro tempore of the Pennsylvania State Senate.

The CDC’s Adverse Childhood Experience Study shows us that abuse cannot be undone. Children who suffer sexual abuse will lead shorter, sicker lives.


You’ll find Senator Scarnati’s contact details and sample emails and telephone scripts below.

Make a call

Call Senator Scarnati’s office. His staff will take a message. Mostly they want to know whether you support change or not. They’ll report that to the Senator. You’ll find a script right below.

His phone number is: 717-787-7084

Send an email

email Senator Scarnati’s office. His staff read it. Again they want to know whether you support change or not. They’ll report that to the Senator. You’ll find a script right below. Add your own story if it will help.

His email address is: jscarnati@pasen.gov