Adverse Childhood Experiences

Healing from ACEs

Healing from ACEs

Traumatic childhood events such as abuse, neglect, witnessing experiences such as crime, parental conflict, mental illness, and substance abuse can create dangerous levels of stress and derail healthy brain development; resulting in long-term effects on learning, behavior and health. You can read more about ACEs here. A growing network of leaders in research, policy and practice are developing approaches to prevent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and mitigate their impact through building resilience. You can find information on ACE’s including resilience through the CDC.

Healing from ACEs is possible.

Here’s some blog posts related to ACEs.

How to be an ally for victims of abuse

It’s important for survivors and victims of abuse to have allies. To have a friend on their side when going through a rough time. Are you someone’s ally?

Why do people blame the victim?

We hear the expression. “blaming the victim,” but do we really know what victim blaming means? Or why we blame victims?

My recovery as a sex offender

My recovery as a sex offender started when I stopped making excuses. And it started in the hostile environment of a prison.

How to appreciate survivors of abuse, while supporting it’s victims

Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and other traumas are rightly proud of overcoming the horrendous mistreatment they have suffered. At the same time, victims of abuse want understanding and support for the enormous harm they have suffered. Survivors are...

Zen talk and trauma. Does it help?

Zen talk and trauma. Does it help? Airing Saturday, January 19, at 11 AM Pacific Time, Available after through the archive at     Is Buddhism a philosophy? A religion? A way of life? Well, yes and no. But the bigger...

How to prevent self hatred

What if we could prevent our children from hating themselves, and instead foster self-love and in turn, self-care? Turns out, we can! Imagine if you will growing up with a particular set of values. Perhaps you don’t even have to imagine it; perhaps you actually did...

Can people be saved from a terrible childhood experiences?

US researchers have found early intervention can help prevent negative experiences in infancy turning into long-term health risksby Lauren Zanolli in New Orleans. The Guardian. When Sabrina Bugget-Kellum walked into a neighbourhood clinic in New York for a routine...

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