Childhood Trauma Dramatically Increases The Risk Of The 7 Leading Causes Of Death

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Preventing Childhood Trauma
Preventing ACEs

Overpowering bullies without violence

Bullying is a reality in many children’s lives. But there are things parents can teach their kids to empower them that don’t involve violence.

Examining the Vexing Link Between Child Abuse and Bullying

Child abuse and bullying are closely related, devastating and preventable.

Gold Star Protective Mothers

If the United States were to provide the same financial compensation and respect to protective mothers as it provides to Gold Star military mothers, our family courts would change quickly

Bullying can Lead to Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a common theme among bullying victims and bullies themselves.

Manufacture of child sex robots moves BBC investigative journalist to tears

Lifelike dolls and robots designed to simulate sex with a child- that can even be customized to look like a particular child- are proliferating. And they’re legal. And the Stop Abuse Campaign is trying to stop them.

What does it take to stop child abuse?

What does it take to stop child abuse? It takes all of us committing ourselves to stopping it.

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Their Impact on our Lives

By Joanne Marszal People who've been abused, neglected or traumatized at a young age have gone through Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE). These are life events that hold negative impact in their lives. According to the type of events may include:...

More than outrage, money is needed to combat child abuse

By Melanie Blow First published in the Buffalo News Cries for justice after a child is murdered may satisfy, but they don’t protect children. Ethan Bigham deserved a different kind of justice long before he was living with eight other people in a trailer in Marilla....

Once I got tired of feeling that…

I got tired of feeling bad tings. Then I got tired of feeling. Then I got better, and I want others to, too.

The Long-term Effects of Bullying on Children

Bullying is related to, and similar to, child abuse in some surprising ways. Here’s what you need to know!

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